Our First Ever Cross Country Series – Samsung KidsTime

01 Dec Our First Ever Cross Country Series – Samsung KidsTime

In 2014, Social Video Lab was tasked to create a series of videos on the Samsung KidsTime app, in partnership with Gyro. The videos were commissioned by Samsung to raise awareness about the Samsung KidsTime app.

The Samsung KidsTime app collates up to 80 educational apps for children aged from 3 to 7. The range of app Samsung KidsTime offers include reading apps, maths and science apps and games with top titles such as Dora the Explorer, Daniel Tiger and more. The app also has security features that help monitor their children’s playtime and educational development.

To demonstrate the features of the app, we spoke to famous parent bloggers and parents from Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines for their take on the Samsung KidsTime app.

One of our earliest projects, the Samsung KidsTime series taught us the fine art of shooting with children, and we learnt firsthand just how much mischief kids can get up to when their parents’backs are turned! For the full series, click here to watch! 

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