Dulux PureAir™: The ‘Odourless’ Paint Smell Challenge‏

15 Feb Dulux PureAir™: The ‘Odourless’ Paint Smell Challenge‏

Virtually No Odour, you say?

Early this year, we teamed up with Dulux to have Singaporeans sniff out the truth about its brand new product, Dulux PureAir™. Touted as the new ‘odour-less’ paint, Dulux wanted to put the bold claims Dulux PureAir™ made to the test, and proposed a live street test.

Of course, we wouldn’t do a street test without checking the results, so we spent an afternoon shoving samples of the Dulux PureAir™ into our poor teammates’ faces in the name of testing (the only time sniffing paint was considered a legit work activity!).

After earning ourselves a few unhappy smacks from annoyed clients, we set up a simple booth in a busy spot on a sunny weekday and had passers-by judge if Dulux PureAir™ lived up to its claim of ‘Virtually No Odour’.

Have a look at our video to see what they had to say!