Hair Matters: Yun Nam Hair Care

24 Mar Hair Matters: Yun Nam Hair Care

Last year, we were approached by Yun Nam Hair Care to help them with a social video-led lead generation campaign – a monumental step for the traditional haircare brand, which have been largely concentrating on TVCs.

During talks with them, the question arose about good looking hair vis-à-vis healthy hair: are lustrous locks a good indicator of hair health? Yun Nam didn’t think so, and we wanted to find out the answer for ourselves.

We invited actors, models and professional emcees to our shoot under the pretense of auditioning talents for a hair commercial (Don’t shoot us, we told them the truth in the end!), and did a quick survey with them, asking questions about their hair regimes and how confident they were about their hair health. Our good-looking talents were pretty confident about their manes, scoring them above average and proudly telling us they spent a great deal of time on quality shampoos and styling products that would care for their locks.

Then for the litmus test: we had a Yun Nam consultant bring out their scalp scanning machine to assess the health of each of our talents.

The results from the scalp scans were hair-raising (Empty hair pores? Greasy scalp? Thinning patches?), and even we got a little worried about our own heads.

By the end of the shoot, we were pleased to say everyone walked away knowing the conditions of their scalps a little better (if a little shellshocked).

We are proud to have helped Yun Nam Hair Care launch its first-ever social video campaign, while learning some hair-raising truths about hair health.

Check out the video above, and read about how our hapless talents were surprised by some hard facts about gorgeous-looking hair.