Introducing A New Video Marketing Solution!

21 Apr Introducing A New Video Marketing Solution!

Social Video Lab is excited to unveil our latest offering –the INFINI Interactive Videos!

What is it?

An interactive video platform that allows viewers to customise their video experience and with

  • Parallel storylines: Switch between two videos in real time
  • Pick a Path: Choose between two different paths and watch your choice unfold.
  • Time Machine: Skip ahead or rewind to check out different story outcomes.

The INFINI Interactive Videos also can be used to conduct video-commerce or lead generation.



How can this help my brand?

  • Increased awareness levels by over 30%
    Fans remember and recognise your brand after viewing the interactive video.

Clickthrough rate up to 500% higher than standard videos
Fans are five times more likely to click through on an interactive video.Hurray for a higher chance of conversion! Option to add lead generation or v-commerce aspect also drives more conversions compared to basic annotations and CTA on traditional video platforms.


  • Completion Rate 30% better than pre-roll linear video
    With a higher completion view rate, your full message will be seen by more people!