Hitting That Play Button Right: SVL’s Masterclass at the Digital Marketing Summit 2015

26 Jun Hitting That Play Button Right: SVL’s Masterclass at the Digital Marketing Summit 2015

In June 2015, Social Video Lab was invited to be part of the Digital Marketing Summit 2015, a two-day summit hosted by two local digital firms, Digital Influence Lab and Resolute Labs. The event was designed to equip SMEs and start-ups with knowledge on digital marketing, and open to attendance from entrepreneurs and marketers all over Asia.

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 Our Head of Content and Strategy, Ang Choo Wee conducting the Masterclass

As one of the sponsors and speakers at the Summit, we had the privilege of addressing SMEs in a masterclass on video content marketing. In our session, we spoke about the importanceof video content in content marketing and the benefits of incorporating such content into marketing strategies. We also shared some video content tips SMEs can apply to their content.




We also touched on a few case studies of good video marketing that demonstrated good storytelling or utilised novel techniques to ensure good brand or product recall. Some of the examples we mentioned were:

Google Search: Reunion by Google India: A short film describing the reunion of two old friends separated by the India-Pakistan partition for more than 60 years. The video has garnered almost 12.7 million views since its launch in November 2013.


Ads by Geico, an auto insurance company, on YouTube pre-roll: These ads cleverly took advantage of the 5-second window of opportunity viewers were obliged to watch the ad, delivering their key message in a concise, punchy manner in the first 5 seconds of the video to ensure audiences will receive it.



Honda’s video-centric marketing campaign for the Honda Civic Type R: An interactive dual-storyline advertisement for the Honda Civic and its sportier version, the Civic Type R. Viewers can view the parallel storylines by pressing and holding the ‘R’ keyon their keyboards. A unique, memorable way to introduce automobile releases.


Honda Presents TheOtheR Side

Last but not least, we spoke about the process of kickstarting a video production and the need to be realistic with one’s expectations when faced with constraints such as budget and deadlines
It was a delightful and invigorating experience for us to rub shoulders with other industry experts and meet fellow marketers hungry for the next digital marketing solution.
We would also like once again extend our gratitude to Digital Influence Lab and Resolute Labs for the excellent opportunity to meet some of Asia’s rising SME and start-up stars!