What’s On with Watson’s?

27 Oct What’s On with Watson’s?

In late May, we received a surprise in our email inboxes – popular lifestyle store Watson’s Singapore wanted to create a video for an upcoming redemption programme, and we were their partner of choice!

As part of the programme, Watson’s would be launching a series of limited edition travel items in 2 eye-catching designs: Summer Wave and Kan Cheong Spider. These colourful designs were geared towards young, fashionable Watson’s consumers. With this in mind, Watson’s decided to do a social video campaign to raise awareness of the bags Singaporean youths could look forward to redeeming with their Watson’s purchases.

Working closely with Watson’s, we came up with a fashion-oriented video approach, one that demonstrated how the bags were designed to be essentials for a trendy traveller. We also brought in well-known fashion and lifestyle influencer Maybeline Sim to star in the video, leveraging her star power and stylish image to increase the desirability of the bags.

In order to meet Watson’s programme kick-off we had to do the shoot in early June, a period that was seeing all-day seasonal rains. With most of our shoot planned in outdoor locations, we were truly at the mercy of the weather. Fortunately for us, the day went on without a hitch, despite a sudden torrential downpour in the afternoon. Whew!

The final product was a whimsical, cheery video that showcased the travel items in 4 different settings youths could easily relate to – packing for a weekend holiday, exploring little known enclaves, hanging out at a café and a sunset walk along the beach.

We are truly pleased with how the video has turned out and can’t wait to see it launched!

The full length video will be playing on Watson’s in-store displays from 9 July. You can also get sneak peeks of the bags on Watson’s Singapore Facebook and Instagram pages!