Indulge Your Wanderlust: the Jom, Hong Kong! Webseries

19 Nov Indulge Your Wanderlust: the Jom, Hong Kong! Webseries

We’re excited to finally unveil our latest webseries — shot in collaboration with Hong Kong Tourism Board!

Tasked with helping Hong Kong Tourism Board market the Hong Kong experience to Malaysian women, we conceptualised, planned and shot a mini-series of 4 videos with Malaysian celebrities Anis Nabilah and Hunny Madu. This project was also a first for us in many aspects, including planning an itinerary that showcased the best halal food and halal-friendly places Malaysians could visit, eat at or shop at in Hong Kong.

In Episode 1, Anis and Hunny visit Chicken on The Run, put on an impromptu fashion show at Fan Fong Projects and tuck into some delish Indian fare at Jashan. Their first day in Hong Kong ends with the breathtaking sights from atop The Peak, and of course, more shopping!

In Episode 2, Anis and Hunny check out the Islamic Centre, have a halal dimsum cookoff in the Islamic Centre Canteen’s kitchen, and more! Check out the video to learn more about the ladies’ second day in Hong Kong, and why Hong Kong is such a haven for shopaholics!

In Episode 3, Malaysian stars Hunny and Anis are challenged to find each other a complete OOTD (outfit of the day) with a budget of HKD300 (MYR160/SGD60).
Watch on to see the looks they pull together for each other, and the incident of the extra juicy beef pastry!

In the final episode of Jom, Hong Kong, Anis and Hunny try their hand at calligraphy and get to see firsthand how the iconic neon lights of Hong Kong are made. Watch to see it for yourself!

Update: The webseries will soon be airing on Astro, so stay tuned to your tellies!