Do you use LINE? For those of us in Asian region, chances are you have it installed on your mobile phone.

Since its launch in June 2011, LINE has grown to be a prominent chat app and social media platform especially in the Asian market.

How many are using LINE in the region? In 2014, LINE announced it had reached 10 million users in Malaysia, making it the top 3 mobile messaging app in the country with WhatsApp and WeChat.

Think about that number again. While WhatsApp is a widely-used chat app, LINE offers more than its primary function of being a messenger. Like WeChat, LINE provides a platform and timeline supporting rich content, and opens up many opportunities and possibilities.

If your brands could reach all 10 million people, imagine how largely it would positively impact on your businesses. What’s more, rich content support means you can boost engagement and interactivity easily.

As an appointed LINE sales representative in Singapore and Malaysia, Social Video Lab helps your businesses tap into the millions of LINE users through rich message pushes, timeline posts and rich menus on LINE OFFICIAL ACCOUNT, TIMELINE, LINE SHOPPING, LINE FUN, LINE FREE COINS, and many more, catered to your businesses’ needs.

With a mix of rich menus, rich video messages, rich messages, timeline posts, as well as offering e-coupons along with trivia questions, LINE campaigns are fun and engaging, making it easy to achieve high unique engagements with LINE users.

Our previous clients engaging in LINE campaigns include Pizza Hut, Dorra, Clarins and many more. With comprehensive range of things you can do in a LINE campaign, we’ve helped our clients reached out to maximum fanbase and boosted engagement with users.

As of April 2016, LINE’s active monthly user base has reached more than 215 million people, and the number is growing every day especially in the Asian region. How you use this powerful tool determines how much benefits you can reap from it – and the opportunities are vast.

Want to promote your businesses with LINE campaigns? You know we have the right tools and team to help you. Send us an email at info@socialvideolab.com now to get started right away!