IPC Shopping Centre is a family-friendly shopping mall located at Mutiara Damansara Commercial Centre. Since July this year, we’ve been creating monthly content for IPC Shopping Centre, including many engaging social videos showcasing the offerings and events at IPC Shopping Centre for families.

Going along IPC’s philosophy to create a better everyday life for the many people, every month we have a different themed campaign going on for IPC Shopping Centre. Besides thematic campaign based content, we also create affinity content for interaction with IPC fans. The monthly posts include three to four videos, each highlighting IPC brand and also encouraging IPC visitors engagement. All posts also include campaign and IPC hashtags.

In July the theme was “The World Right Here”, to present IPC as a focal point to cuti-cuti everywhere around the world, in the comfort of the mall. August’s campaign was themed in conjunction with Hari Merdeka of Malaysia; each campaign post came with #IPCHariMerdeka hashtag.

For September, we decided to feature the best chill-out spots at IPC, and all campaign posts sported the hashtag #IPCQuickBites. In October, in conjunction with Children’s Day, the month’s campaign theme was to promote IPC as the perfect place to spend time with your children. Featured above is a video we produced showcasing Deepavali-inspired craft workshops for kids at IPC Shopping Centre in October 2016.

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