How a Giftsmas Day of Giving is made at IPC

17 Jan How a Giftsmas Day of Giving is made at IPC

In December 2016, IPC Shopping Centre celebrated its 13th Anniversary and a Merry Giftsmas campaign with IPC’s Wonderful Giftsmas Day of Giving event on 18th Dec.

In December 2016, with Merry Giftsmas campaign going on all-month long in IPC Shopping Centre, complete with five exciting gift stops, performances and workshops, the mall has also come out with the idea of an IPC’s Wonderful Giftsmas Day of Giving event on 18th Dec, in conjunction of their 13th Anniversary.

Thirteen gifts were given away to thirteen lucky shoppers, with specific conditions. A setup was placed at the mall, encouraging shoppers to lift a Santa hat at the setup to be rewarded with a gift. The shopper who lifted the Santa hat was then asked to find another shopper with specific conditions in order to unwrap a gift. The gift-giving mechanism required every shopper to find the next shopper to receive a gift in order to unwrap own gifts.


Celebrate IPC Merry Giftsmas campaign’s spirit of giving and sharing, as well as creating engaging, positive moments with shoppers and creating hype for social media fans.


Capture the happy faces of the thirteen shoppers giving and receiving gifts in the campaign, focus on bringing a heartwarming audience experience, and also making a video to show how the event is made.


The 5-minute long video capturing the essence of the event, posted on Facebook, garnered 15,933 organic unique people reach and a high engagement of 13,487. On Instagram, a 60-second version of the video garnered 42,465 views in just a week’s time.





Creating and giving a heartwarming gift-giving experience in conjunction of Christmas season and IPC’s 13th Anniversary.


Focusing on thirteen shopper’s happy faces and joyful expressions, complemented with a Christmas melody that drives heartwarming emotions.


A 5-minute long video is posted on Facebook, while a shorter version of 60-second cut is posted on Instagram; easily shareable. Another 1-minute long Behind The Scene video is made and is posted both on Facebook and Instagram as well.



All of the comments and shares on the video have been positive, showing that fans are happy to see IPC making the effort to bring a heartwarming gift-giving idea to life. The video was shared up to 177 times from 22 Dec until 31 Dec 2016. Public-shared posts showed that the video was well-received. Users’ captions upon sharing the video post showed that they were touched by the genuinely heartwarming gift-giving event.

In addition to the Giftsmas Day of Giving event video, we also did a 1-minute long Behind The Scene video, which has garnered 29,529 organic reach* on Facebook, and was the second top performing Facebook post in December 2016 for organic reach*. On Instagram, the video attracted 100 views as of 11 Jan 2017. Comments on the Behind The Scene video also showed that it helps add to the excitement for people to engage with IPC in future activities.

* As of 31 Dec 2016

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