Offering content advertising solution with Enzymic

18 Jan Offering content advertising solution with Enzymic

In today’s always on, multi-screen digital world, content has become the key to capture consumers’ attention and keeping people engaged. This in turn has opened up huge opportunities in content marketing and native advertising.

According to a report from BI (Business Insider), native-display ads, including social ads on publisher websites, will generate the bulk of ad revenue in thus United States from 2016 to 2021, pushing programmatic Display Ad Spending to reach $64 billion worldwide in 2017, according to eMarketer.

Foreseeing the potential in content marketing and adoption of programmatic, Social Video Lab a social video marketing firm, has partnered with Enzymic Consultancy, a Content Ads Management solution provider, to offer easy-to-use, high performing Content Advertising Solution for agencies, advertisers and publishers.

By leveraging on existing standard IAB display inventory, and turning them into Content Ad format, this easy solution is apt for just about anyone, including agencies, advertisers and publishers, to create, serve and optimize content ad units — a hybrid between standard display advertising and native advertising.

Co-Founder of Enzymic Consultancy Evelyn Tan, explained: “Enzymic Content Ads Management Platform revolutionizes display advertising by turning HTML 5 banners into high performing Content Ad Units, which can be used to promote different types of media content, such as company blogs, news articles, third party reviews and videos.

“We offer the tools to create and update these ad units easily without the need for any designing skills. While traditional banner ads will normally take 1 to 2 days to create — generating ads using Enzymic takes only about 5 minutes.”

Tan added, “As a young startup that focuses on product development, we are thrilled to partner with Social Video Lab, with a wide reach across SEA market. This fits perfectly well into our go-to-market strategy in this region. We are also excited to share our next version of optimization engine with built-in machine learning algorithm to harness the power of data to predict ad performance for each impression.”

Meanwhile, speaking on the partnership with Enzymic, Executive Director of Social Video Lab Kenniess Wong said this partnership has enhanced their solutions to provide higher campaign performance at lower setup cost.

Explaining further, Wong said, “Most content discovery platforms focus primarily on behavioral and contextual targeting. Enzymic helps advertisers scale their content amplification programmatically, as well as target specific sites and third party audience data.

“Now advertisers can engage our ad ops on Enzymic Content Ads platform. They can also utilize their internal resources to manage and obtain the display ad inventory via programmatic. Advertisers can opt for location-based or demographic targeting, depending on their campaign objectives.

“More importantly, Enzymic also works with existing industry leading ad servers — Demand Side Platform (DSP) and Ad Exchanges, as well as Google Display Network.

“We look forward to work with all agencies, publishers and advertisers in this region to improve their display advertising and content marketing, through Enzymic,” added Wong.

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