Introducing RHB Bank’s SME e-Retail Solution

13 Apr Introducing RHB Bank’s SME e-Retail Solution

Ever thought about starting your own business? In this digital era, anything is possible, but the thought of setting up a venture all by yourself sounds a little overwhelming, isn’t it? If only there’s someone experienced willing to guide us along.

Bringing a personal touch to a seemingly daunting subject such as business operations, Social Video Lab worked with Celsius Asia (A Member of the People n’ Rich Group of Companies) to deliver a compelling story of how a business owner has benefited from RHB Bank’s SME e-Retail Solution.

Through the creative use of green screen videography and animation, we created a continual storyline of how Johan, an aspiring entrepreneur, was able to overcome operational challenges and focus on making strategic business decisions for his company.

Watch the story told by Johan on how RHB’s SME e-Retail Solution helps him in his business below:

If you love what we are doing for RHB’s SME e-Retail Solution and want to do something like this for your brand, drop us a line at!