Adzymic revolutionised display advertising by turning HTML 5 banners into high performing native content ad units.

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What makes you stop and read an ad when you’re browsing the Internet, whether on your computer or mobile devices? With freedom to choose what content to consume at anytime and anywhere, people today waste almost no time for content that doesn’t interest or excite them.


Adzymic Native Content Ads Management Platform revolutionised display advertising by turning HTML5 banners into high performing content ad units. Adzymic Content Ads Management Platform also provides easy solution for agencies, advertisers and publishers to create, serve and optimise content ad units.


Partnering with Adzymic has enhanced Social Video Lab with solutions to provide higher campaign efficiency and performance at lower campaign setup cost.


Adzymic adds value to any campaigns by:

  • Higher Efficiency – Easy Ad creation and updating. No design required
  • Better performance – through real-time ads optimisation
  • Reduce Campaign setup cost – Save on banners production cost and resources
  • Agnostic- Works with Industry leading ad server, DSP, exchanges


Watch an explainer video below on Adzymic:

Osprey Media Lab is a demand side programmatic ad buy platform by marketers, for advertisers.

The purpose of technology is to assist people in making processes faster, easier and more convenient. Following the advancement in technology, the advertising industry has also evolved for the convenience of both marketers and advertisers.


Osprey Media Lab, a brand owned by Social Video Lab, is a real-time digital ad-buying platform catered for the demand side. Programmatic is an automation of process and decisions, driven by data, powered through machines.


Why use Osprey Media Lab:

  • Universal targeting: Wider unique target audience across multiple adnetworks, social networks, premium sites and so on.
  • More granularity: Buyer can pick the required impressions and bid at the impression level. It will give better ROIs.
  • More control on spend: A buyer can sit on driver seat and make buying decisions on real time.
  • More insights: Granular level of reporting allows the buyer to optimize the campaign in a better way.


What’s more, Osprey connects to mobile ad network platform and travel DMP partner, allowing us to have the cutting edge technologies in targeting users geographically (independent from GPS signals and up to 20m accuracy) and profiling users by tracking mobile devices in real-time to understand users behaviour based historical locations, time spent in these locations, and their app consumption for a good 30-90 days.


This means, by using Osprey Media Lab platform, we are able to deliver the right content to the right audiences, on the right screen, at the right time for your campaigns effortlessly.


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